Mergers and acquisitions

When the corporate strategy is focused on reinforcing the inorganic development of the company, i.e. increasing the participation in the current market or entering business lines not yet developed by the company, among others, the shareholders think of M&A. this is usually a decision of an economic or market-related nature, potentially seeking the following, among other aspects:


  • Increase in production capacity.
  • Reduction in schemes (administrative, production-related or commercial), which means a reduction in costs or expenses due to the synergies implemented.
  • Indirect recruiting of talent.
  • Reinforcement of know-how knowledge.
  • Tax incentives due to tax losses or tax credits not used.


  • Increase in production capacity.
  • Obtaining lists or contracts with clients.
  • Reduction in the competition.
  • Strengthening of the brand. Entry into new business lines, new cities or countries.

Business plans and entrepreneurship

There are many examples of entrepreneurship on a global level, people who considered what was on the market to be insufficient and who ventured to create other options. Some of the great examples of entrepreneurships include e-commerce, but others fall within the normal business of goods and services; in any case, it is import for entrepreneurs to manage the administrative, accounting and tax part from the outset and not wait for the business to commence its production or maturity stage before meeting these requirements which, in addition, are required by law.

Company valuations

What this process establishes is the value that it is estimated certain interested parties might offer in order to be part of a company. This interest should be measures completely independently from the parties participating. From an M&A or any other perspective in which the intention is to establish the valuation a company might have on the market, it is necessary to have partners with experience enabling an unbiased valuation to be a good start to the internal or external negotiations that the company might undertake.

Corporate finance

Firm of reference

Auren Corporate as a firm is a reference point in the sector of financial advice and corporate transactions. We provide integrated support in transactions related to the sale and purchase of companies and businesses. We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals highly specialised in merger and acquisition transactions, operational and financial restructuring, company evaluations, seeking investors, etc.


Our collaboration starts with identifying the need of the client, the strategic planning of the process, a strict analysis of the reality of the company, a study of the business sector, the locating of investment/divestment opportunities, negotiating and advising on the transaction and its final closure.

Strategic support

We assist companies with the greatest professional commitment aware of the strategic importance of corporate decisions. We guarantee total confidentiality and discretion in the processes in which we participate. Our professionals in the Corporate area have the experience and specialisation that the provision of these types of services requires.