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  • After an M&A transaction has been concluded successfully, the investors and the acquired company face different challenges:
    – Process integration: The acquired company must be integrated into the accounting and reporting processes
    – GAAP conversion: The accounting policies may need to be aligned, if different account policies between investor and acquired company have been applied
    – Obligation to prepare group financial statements: Under certain conditions, the acquired company may for the first time, or again, be obligated to prepare group financial statements, if the previous exemption no longer applies after the transaction (e.g. if it is acquired by a non-EU investor or in a carve-out)


  • We assist our clients in integrating their acquisition in the accounting and reporting processes and make the new subsidiary ready for ongoing inclusion in the group financial statements. We can rely on our many years of experience as advisors of medium-sized enterprises, as well as our advisors experience in major corporations, which – combined – give our clients the best results. We know that small to medium-sized companies frequently face problems when drawing up their accounts. On the other hand, we also know the processes used by major corporations, and are aware of the importance of the potential to increase effciency.
  • At the same time, we help to perform an accounting conversion with a sense of proportion while ensuring that the legal requirements are met.
  • If the acquired company must compile subgroup financial statements, whether for the first time, or again, we assist you in using the right tools which, depending on the complexity and structure can be Excel-based or professional consolidation solutions such as Lucanet. We use committed and effective teams consisting of experience consolidation experts predominantly with Big-4 experience as well as IT experts who ensure that data processing and system operations run smoothly. This guarantees short and fast communication and decision-making channels.

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