Audit of IFRS Or US-GAAP Financial Statements

The need for a confirmation of an independent auditor in the international accounting field is higher than in other cases. If you are looking for audit services we can offer you a suitable solution.

The full opinion on your external financials or reporting package per IFRS or US GAAP according to the relating auditing standards.

The lean version. You desire a sole review of financials per international accounting rules, without having the need for a full scope audit. We perform plausibility checks based on analytical review procedures. The guideline is defined in the ISRE (International Standards on Review Engagements) as set by the IAASB (International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board).

You may be interested in particular sections of financials or other accounting related information only. If the underlying GAAP is of international type or if you require international standards to be applied in our procedures, then we can offer to you our work to be done in an agreed upon procedures format. The scope of work can be defined individually with an according result report to satisfy your specific attestation needs. Such work will be carried out according to ISRS 4400 (International Standard on Related Services).