Due Diligence

When an investor is intending to acquire a company, the lack of information and thereby the uncertainty regarding the target needs to be reduced in a short period of time. The target is to be analysed for existing risks to provide a reliable decision-basis for an investor.

Auren supports you in Due Diligences of different areas, particularly such as

  • Financial
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Labor

In the sell-case the company’s data need to be presented appropriately by way of a teaser, information memorandum or a vendor due diligence report. Compiling such reports is an integral part of work here. Also, large data needs to be shared with the potential buyer, which is done in a virtual dataroom. We support you in preparing information for the dataroom, posting it and managing the dataroom throughout the process. Such management will not only include organizing the structure, but also managing the Q&A, i.e. receiving queries by the potential acquirer, organizing responses to them and making them accessible to the other party.

To learn more about our Due Diligence services, feel free to contact one of our consultants:

Thilo Krohn
Certified Public Auditor (Germany)
Certified Tax Advisor (Germany)
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Lothar Schulz
Certified Public Auditor (Germany)
Certified Tax Advisor (Germany)
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