Are you part of a German-Brazilian group? Is your reporting structure set  by a foreign coroporation? Then you are certainly dealing with issues such as:

  • Preparing (Group-)Financials or a reporting package according to IFRS or US GAAP
  • Considering hot topics in international accounting (IFRS or US GAAP), such as revenue recognition or deferred taxes
  • Internal control over financial reporting according to international guidelines (e.g. “SOX”)
  • Tools in reporting to a parent company and in parallel accounting between different GAAP’s
  • Communication with other group companies

Is the sale to a foreign investor still in process additional questions may be of interest.

If you are looking for a specific support on individual topics we are the right advisor and assist you with our international expertise and network.


Today’s markets are getting more and more  complex. Successful enterprises react in real-time mode on the continuously changing customer demands. The right competencies in-house and with suppliers, suitable geographical markets and appropriate financing are vital for success.

Should the solution lead via foreign subsidiaries or foreign capital markets, other challenges exist, be it related to a company acquisition, a purchase price allocation or the ongoing IFRS-Group accounting.  

Also in this area we from the German-Brazilian desk are pleased to assist you in gaining more comfort and reaching your goals.


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William Xavier
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