Startups & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and investments in startups is a growing trend in Spain and all over the world. Each startup is a company, albeit compared to traditional businesses, startups have their own needs and features. Indeed, those necessities change and progress in parallel to the phases of the Project (pre-seed, seed, early stage, growth, expansion, exit).

Auren has a real multidisciplinary team specialized in startups and entrepreneurship capable of providing flexible and quick solutions to the multiple needs and obligations that surround entrepreneurs, startups and their investors. Our value proposal focused on the entrepreneurial ecosystem covers the following areas:

Kick-off advisory:
• Assessment and definition of corporate vehicle. Deed of incorporation. Bylaws.
• Shareholder agreements
• Vesting agreements. Phantom shares
• Secretary of the Board of Directors
• Complete people management advisory (payrolls, labour, HR)
• Complete legal-tax-and accounting advisory adapted to startups

Trademarks / PI / Web:
• Legal protection of Intangible assets (trademarks, software, industrial designs, etc.)
• Legal protection of Intelectual Property rights deriving from the business model. Procurement
• e-commerce set-up. Integral legal analysis of all web tiers

Outsourcing of services:
• Payrolls
• Accounting-tax returns
• Financial management
• HR management

Technological Consulting:
• Digital Transformation Consulting
• Process optimization
• IT facilities and apps management
• Setting up of Digital products
• Business Inteligence

Public funding:
• Management of alternative sources: grants, european funds, soft financing, hybrids, etc.
• Integral management of the innovation activities: CDTI, national and regional R&D programms, ENISA, tax credits, patent box regime, R&D tax lease

Consulting / Financial advisory:
• Design and review of Business Models and Financial Projects Modelling
• Valuation methods
• Advice in funding rounds
• Bank financing, crowdlending
• Exit process

Marketing and Communication:
• Market analysis
• Marketing Plans
• Customer experience (UX, UI)
• Trademarks: conceptualization and design
• Trademark strategy
• Advertising campaign
• Communication

Human Resources Consulting:
• Outsourcing of all HR operations
• Talent management
• Mentoring adaptated to entrepreneurs
• Coaching group programms for Management Committee or entrepreneurial teams
• Innovation methods for the design of disruptive business model (Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup)

Audits /Due Diligences:
• Financial Audits and preparation of the startup for the audit
• Agreed procedures reports (accounting reviews and controlling)
• Perfomance audits
• Audits of Corporate Social Responsability Report
• Consulting and audits of quality certificates and standardized systems
• Complete due diligence projects (financial, tax, legal, labour, technological, sustainability…)

• Internationalization diagnosis
• International market analysis
• International growth strategy
• Sale and promotion
• Auren International Network