Sustainability and climate change

At organizations economic and social development, both public and private, sustainability essential principle is a mandatory policy which has become strategic.

At Auren, with a multidisciplinary approach and with environment, energy, finance and human resources specialists, we provide technical assistance to all kind of organisations in this process of orientation towards sustainable management models adapted to the current and future environmental.

Mitigation of climate change

We design policies and actions, for both public and private organisations, through which we evaluate impact caused by climate change and, depending on this, we advise on the minimisation of its effects.

Sustainability reports

We help on the preparation of sustainability reports with which the organisations inform their interest groups and explain their decisions, actions and performance relating to sustainability.

Assurance in sustainability

We have a multidisciplinary team in areas such as environment, financial or labour, in order to carry out work verifying sustainability reports. Thus, we add credibility and transparency to companies from the perspective of their interest groups, in such a way that they can consolidate their commitment to them.

Sustainable management of transactions and the supply chain

Auren develops measures which ensure and contribute to the supply chain of organisations taking into account the health and wellbeing of employees, gender equality, the promotion of socially responsible work and respect for the environment

Responsible investment

We advise investors on identifying environmental, social and governance factors applied to businesses, for the purpose of reducing/removing derived risks, as well as promoting a higher return on their investments.

Social responsibility

At Auren, taking into account the values, strategy and operations of an organisation, we advise on defining action plans and strategies aimed to promote improvement on social responsibility. The objective is to contribute to the progress of organisations together with the progress of local communities in which the activities are performed, and to move forward in the global implementation process of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Non-financial information statements

As a result of the approval of recent regulations, certain companies are obliged to disclose  Non-Financial Information  in their management Reports. In this area, Auren advises companies on the content of information that must be reported, and also on the verification of these non-financial statements  following guidelines set out in the International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000 (ISAE 3000 revised).