Business consultancy

Auren offers services aimed at supporting the administration and management of companies and public institutions, for the best decision-making and development of business strategies, as well as to increase the expected value and information for skateholders.

Participation in management committees

We provide technical assistance at the managerial level of the company, organizing and/or preparing the information to be presented to committees, guiding the decision-making and monitoring compliance with the previously approved operational plans.

Feasibility plans and business valuations

We collaborate with company management in determining and analyzing basic hypotheses regarding investments and operational business plans, comparing feasibility results with other similar projects, or with the expectations of the investors or entrepreneurs.

Transfer pricing study

We analyze business processes and functions which support internal pricing structure, and we complete a comparability study by applying transfer pricing generally accepted methods.

Family Businesses

We help to conduct generational change-over family business plans both on management and ownership, from the perspective of the organisation and preparation of the family protocol framework, identifying the key aspects of success and the business continuity.