Governance, risks and compliance

We offer Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) services, with the goal of  guarantee good corporative governance and reputation, business risks management  and comply with regulatory compliance. Implementation of these compliance management systems, along the lines of of GDPR (Personal Data Protection), Money Laundering/Terrorism Financing and Criminal Compliance Prevention, will enable to align business objectives with risks derived from the activity and the fulfillment of legal requirements.

Data Protection

Auren provides services related to legal advice, implementation, maintenance, audit and outsourcing of the figure of the Data Protection Officer, based on professionalized practice, allowing us to provide a service with high quality standards.

Corporate compliance

Since July 2015, Spanish criminal code, through the implementation of a crime detection and prevention system (Corporate Compliance), has allowed legal entities to be able to be exempted from criminal liability.

In this area, through multidisciplinary teams (consultants, lawyers and experts in cybersecurity), we help to implement a management system (risk analysis, plan, protocols and procedures, training, etc) and its continuous updated (periodic review and advice).

Money laundering and terrorism financing

Regulations on money laundering and the terrorism financing prevention establish different obligations that Auren, helps companies to fulfill through consultancy services. We advise on implementation of these regulations, training on the compliance therewith, and in respect of the legal obligation to do an external expert examination