We optimise financial, technical, material and human resources used by companies for the production of their goods and services. We implement production management techniques which help them analyse, systematise, evaluate and control actions related to processes, capacities, inventories, people and quality, adapting them to their processes, equipment and resources in order to obtain their best performance. We implement a culture of ongoing improvement which is client- and results-oriented

Management systems

We help organisations to improve their management by implementing, maintaining and improving internationally renowned management models: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, UNE 166002, EMAS, etc. in order to be able to provide an integrated view of management, implementing a culture of permanent  improvement in processes.

We also help in the implementation of EFQM excellence models and specific models by sector: IRIS, UNE 13816, ISO TS-16949, BRC, IFS, etc. as well as in maintaining different management systems and  implementation of internal audits.

Ongoing improvement

Progress is essential so that an organisation can maintain current levels of performance, react to changes in its internal and external conditions and create new opportunities. Within this context, at Auren we apply the concepts of ongoing improvement with an approach focusing on the adapting processes, products and services based on an ongoing review of operations, a costs review, rationalisation and other factors which, together, allow for optimisation.

Supply chain

Being familiar with clients’ behaviour, managing demand, reducing inventory and improving service levels are critical elements which make a difference to a company. At Auren, we have extensive experience in redesigning SCM and reducing related costs, always implementing advanced SCM tools.

Cost management

Management of the margin is critical for any company. Knowing where we are making profits and where we making losses is vital for decision-making. Redesigning cost management and focusing the activity provides us with a multidimensional vision so as to remove the “subsidy” between products and clients, while it allows us to have a P&L account by article, client, etc. Auren has advanced cost management tools.