Infrastructure projects: great business opportunities

The State of Israel’s total investment will reach more than 200 billion NIS by the end of 2020, and the set budget for the next five years projects has been approved and doubled. This budget aimed at international companies, Invites them to participate in the implementation of infrastructure projects in a wide range of fields.

 Every major and significant infrastructure project involves hundreds and sometimes thousands of companies from different fields. For example, one of the most recent projects that Auren Israel’s advisory team is undertaking is to excavate transport tunnels to Jerusalem for the benefit of roads and railways. We professionally accompany dozens of companies ranging from small international companies to large global companies, with each company executing its area of expertise in the project. Starting with electricity, sealing, digging, clean air, communication, a variety of technologies, etc.

In some of the acquaintances, the international companies participating are the direct winners of the state tenders, and in some of these acquaintances, the sub-suppliers.

The experts’ team of Auren Israel has extensive experience in accompanying infrastructure projects. Starting with the preparation for the tender, winning, and the ongoing support of the business activity, alongside with the achievement of the ultimate goal: bringing the profit back home. All of these services under one umbrella in one place provided by a personal, professional team.

The major projects in Israel usually offered to the public for participation in the PPP – “Public-Private Partnership” method. A method for carrying out public projects through a partnership of the public sector with the private sector. It is a contract between a government office and a private business entity, for a common purpose. The advantage of this method is that the initial cost, which is often very high, is borne by the business entity, which will eventually earn its money back from it, over time, without the extremely high cost of financing being imposed on the public.

The three common models used in Israel are:

PFI – “Private Finance Initiative”: The franchisee who sets up and operates the project receives payments mainly from the state, according to pre-defined performance criteria.

BOT – “Build, Operate, Transfer”: Build, operate, and transfer. In this method, at the end of the period, the property passes to the client, the public sector. The franchisee who runs the project receives payments mainly from the users of the service.

BOO – “Build, Operate, Own”: Construction, operation, and ownership – at the end of the agreement period, the property remains owned by the private sector.

The verity and range of projects are wide and its includes projects in these areas of expertise: Roads, Tunnels, Railways, Electricity and Energy, Environmental Health, Recycling, Clean Air, Clean Energy, Water Purification, Air Purification, Chemical Purification, Communication, Telephony, Internet, Satellite, Agriculture, Real Estate, Green Construction, Hotels, and Tourism Infrastructure.

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Mr. Ofir Angel

Chairman of AUREN Israel 

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