Start your business activity in Israel in five simple steps by following this guide


Consider starting a business in Israel? adhere to these five procedures to successfully launch your business in Israel.


The first step is creating a legal entity and registering it with the business registration. This will enable you to begin operating legally in Israel.


The second step is to register a bank account in Israel in the name of the business that will enable you to begin conducting business there.


The third step entails selecting a fiscal representative. Such a fiscal representative is personally responsible for the company’s tax payment in the state of Israel, which is a requirement for your business to begin operating there.


The fourth step is opening a VAT file with the VAT authorities. Your VAT expenses and VAT income must be reported to the VAT authorities each month, and you must pay the VAT authorities’ domestic fees.


The fifth step is to open an income tax file. You must declare your turnover, income, and spending in such an income tax form each and every month. You will have to make a down payment on the company’s final corporation tax at the end of the month. Wishing you all success and prosperous business in Israel!