Agroindustry in Mexico


Agroindustry in Mexico is the industry that deals with the supply, processing and distribution of agricultural products. It is related to the production, processing and packaging of food on a large scale, using modern equipment and methods.

Like all industries, agribusiness in Mexico has its specific branches. This means that there are sectors that specialize in one part of the overall process that is carried out.

Food Agroindustry: it is in charge of transforming agricultural, livestock, fishery and forestry products, and everything extracted from nature, into products that serve as food. 

Non-food agroindustry: is the one that combines natural raw materials with synthetic materials to produce non-food products.

Raw material suppliers: are all those involved in the initial processing of raw materials, such as sowing, harvesting, milling, tanning, among others.

Agribusiness in Mexico plays an important role in the country’s economy; since value-added agriculture represents 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (2021 data from Statista); but more than that, it means a way of life.

To a large extent, this makes Mexico a great place for companies in the primary sector to explore all the possibilities offered by all types of agribusiness in the country.

David del Valle from Auren Mexico