Can the financial impact of Covid-19 be minimized?


It is clear that the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has also generated a disruptive impact on the financial activity. It has caused the strongest and fastest crisis.

Its origin is not financial, but it has affected all business areas, including the planning, development and negotiation of operations. The economic crisis and the remote work of the main actors of an operation forces them to use different tools, technologies and techniques to achieve successful results, the deadlines are longer, the negotiations take longer. There are also new rules and strengthened controls on investments.

Operations, mergers and acquisitions represent a critical component of the growth strategy of many organizations. These are reflected in the financial statements, in the planning and execution processes.

Faced with volatility and the new scenario in the markets, companies must be proactive in their businesses, evaluate their operational and financial capabilities, and accelerate their contingency plans. The actions, decisions and measures that you take and apply today can impact and definitively change the outcome and course of the business.

The crisis is likely to leave scars that are difficult to erase and leave us with complex global challenges.

Mariano Alvarado, Managing Parter of Auren Argentina