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Covid19 and the International Business


The economic effects of the Covid19 pandemic have been unprecedent, and it is expected that they will sharp our economies in the next years to come. Companies and entrepreneurs are getting concerned about the traditional ways for doing international business. Flexibility and adaptability are going to be vital, and Auren will be there to help you in your international projects. 

Air trips, trade missions, trade shows, conferences, sending people abroad for a period, presential supervision, all of them are examples of traditional techniques in international business that will not be used in the future in the same way as they have been used in the past. We are living in challenging times, although we are convinced that this new situation will also bring good opportunities.

Innovation and international markets are going to be vital for companies looking to thrive and expand in the next years.

In Auren Israel and Auren Spain we are aware of that challenge, and we have adapted to the new situation offering to our clients in both countries a unique and comprehensive solution. We help you to start or continue doing international business in the other country, keeping you safe, saving time and incrementing your productivity and effectiveness.  

Our solution is to become a part of your organization / project structure, being your “hands in the field” in the other country. Therefore, taking care of all your accounting, financial and legal concerns as well as acting as your business developers in that country. In order to do so we rely in several advantages:

  • We are strongly implemented in Israel and Spain, with a long history providing multidisciplinary services to international companies and entrepreneurs.
  • We do have a practical approach to business, assigning a specific Manager to your case, and he/she will be your key contact within our full organization.
  • Although the local offices in each country are the ones that keep the physical contact with the clients in continuous basis, we are technologically suited to work remotely with your headquarters and/or offices all around the world.

If you are looking to this period as a good moment for do business in ISRAEL and/or SPAIN, please contact us. We will be happy to know more about your project and explain to you how we may help in all their stages.

Carlos Hernández from Auren Spain

[email protected]