Decision-Taking Instrument


Decision-Taking Instrument

The simultaneous submission of the reports is very important, since the measurement of natural, corporate and financial capital is an integral part of the management of companies, and the valuation thereof. This shows the transparency of the reports of leading companies, encourages better decision-taking and helps provide a valuation of the companies. It is essential in order to achieve the transition towards a sustainable economy.

Corporate sustainability, consisting of corporate, environmental and financial actions, plays a vital role when improving business decision-taking while at the same time changing perceptions of value. Nevertheless, internally, there are still people who are not convinced about investing in sustainability, and think in the short term.

Simultaneous submission provides a glimpse into how companies are becoming closer to the processes affecting the way in which the markets change the use of their financial resources.

Factors such as capitalism, technology, democracy, globalisation, demographic changes and the environment mean organisations not only work for financial yield, but for the community.

Both the financial crisis and global changes and advances influence companies and make them become aware of their high degree of responsibility within the social construct. They are starting to understand the political, social, environmental and demographic impact of their businesses, attempting to invest in these aspects and create profitability for shareholders and wellbeing at the same time. These changes will not only cause effects but will align and set the path.

At present, Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of one of the three pillars for companies to become sustainable, along with the environment and the economy. It is also a matter of values. The insistence nowadays is on sustainable development maintaining economic growth as its axis.

Fernando Tezanos Pinto, Chairman of Auren Argentina