Gaming audit risks


It is necessary to review important aspects for professional accounting auditors who audit Gaming Casinos. The auditor must take into account that an audit is always exposed to different types of risks that could affect its performance, such as inherent risks, which are those inherent to the nature of the entity and that are not related to the internal control system. It is important to take into consideration the audit risks associated with this type of activity, since due to their nature, they could be used to introduce and give the appearance of legitimacy to assets from illicit activities, which may correspond to the crime of money laundering of Assets, which exposes the auditor to running a reputational risk.

Due to the foregoing, when planning the audit, the auditor must consider procedures aimed at the detection and prevention of money laundering that are able to detect, among other things: if the operations coincide with the capacity and profile of the clients; customers who carry out transactions of high amounts; clients who suddenly change their financial behavior or clients who frequently change their personal data.

Patricio Castillo, auditor accountant, audit partner of Auren Chile