How communication skills enhance audit services


The value that Audit services bring to companies is clear to us. With the highest standards of independence, quality and rigor in the review of annual accounts, we not only improve the quality of operational and financial information, but also help anticipate and manage risks and opportunities for our clients.

However, this added value is often not correctly perceived, and auditing is considered only as an obligation. If it is true that there are legal constraints regarding the advertising of audit services, it is also true that, traditionally, communication skills are poorly developed in audit teams.

The profession has been more focused on developing technical skills and not so much on explaining or valuing the results of your work. At Auren, we are changing this paradigm. We believe that, due to their proximity to client teams, our audit teams are the best positioned to be ambassadors for our company and increase the perception of the value created by our work. Instead of only communicating the collecting and compiling of information, we want to communicate our ability to create new solutions. 

How are we contributing to this change? At Auren, audit teams are trained in the following communication skills:

  • Critical spirit and identification of opportunities: In addition to ensuring full technical rigor and independence, audit teams are trained to have a global vision of their clients’ businesses and the market, asking questions that add value. More than just certifying Accounts, each auditor must put his or her analytical skills at the service of the client company’s growth possibilities, proposing multidisciplinary solutions.
  • Empathetic digital communication: When it comes to customer interactions, cordiality in contacts is crucial. All auditors are trained to respond to customer objections in a simple and thoughtful way, contributing to the prevention and resolution of conflicts. When it comes to the interactions of each professional in the digital ecosystem, communication standards are known and put into practice, with each employee assuming their role in representing the brand in professional social networks (Linkedin, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc.).
  • Simplification of Documents and Reports: In order for the client to understand the value created by the audit teams we create graphically appealing and easy-to-read reports and documents. Simplification and clarity are the key words. We train our auditors to write in a colloquial tone, using graphics, infographics and text highlights to organize and simplify ideas.

With this coordinated training effort, we contribute to creating better relationships with our customers and identify new opportunities for growth in the market, while valuing the contribution of the entire sector to the development of the global economy.

Tânia Areias, Marketing & Communication Auren Portugal