How to face changes in the labor market?


The labor market is at a time of many changes, high turnover, flexibility, new skills, workforce automation, technological revolution, remote work, more competitive companies, globalization, labor immigration and emigration.

During the pandemic, companies and applicants were discouraged from making change decisions in the face of uncertainty.

The post-pandemic reached the world of work

Companies and leaders must understand these changes in the world of work and the motivations of workers. This is the challenge facing the future.

At Auren, we carried out a survey of more than 300 young professionals about their employment situation and concerns. About 50% responded that they are sometimes satisfied with their work, but not always. This shows us that we are facing an increasingly demanding public.

We consulted on the aspects when deciding for a job and we were surprised to see the results: They are equally motivated by salary, flexibility, the work environment, development opportunities and professional growth.

Unlike previous generations where the main thing was salary, today expectations are rising about what a job should provide. Although remuneration remains one of the main priorities, they also consider opportunities for growth, flexibility, environment and job security.

70% prefer hybrid work. Adapting to this new modality, the remote is here to stay, but there is also a need for team contact in person.

The “image, reputation” was almost equal to the hiring conditions when choosing what they value in a job. In other words, for those companies that do not have a sustainable purpose and shared values, it will be increasingly difficult to retain and attract talent.

Almost 70% consider it better for their professional development to acquire different experiences in various companies. This changes the image of making a career within the same company and confronts us with the challenge of reducing high turnover and the loss of talent.

Bearing these trends in mind, business leaders, most of whom are even experiencing a generational change, must evolve towards this new path. Work mainly on active listening, culture, sense of belonging, benefits, teamwork, flexibility, shared vision. Help talents deepen their skills, build a career, not only attract talent but create it.

Luis Salerno, director de BPO de Auren Argentina