If there is a “crown”, rule it


Different sectors in the globe have been damaged from the COVID 19 side effects.   Businesses are changing and this is the time to take advantage of an opportunity and fit the business to the new reality. Taking advantage of an opportunity is the secret of the business success.

Tourism and COVID19  

Some opportunities exist in the tourism field, despite the global crises. Tourism companies lay off their workers and some even closing the business. A tourism company consult with our experts to create new business opportunities (the company had cash flow). We did research and find that many professionals from the tourism field are available now to work, as a cause of the crisis.

Another opportunity we found was two tourism companies that closed. These companies had digital assets. We bought the companies’ websites and databases at an attractive price. This solution created a great opportunity the post COVID 19 day for our customer.

 Solution for bus travel company

A bus travel company ask from our experts a solution for their financial flow issue. The company had drivers, different vehicles, insurance and more. The global crisis didn’t pass on anyone, but we found an opportunity in the delivery field. Most of the purchases today made through websites and delivered directly to the client’s address. After research, we found out that there is a lack of drivers in the delivery field. We contact three food companies and settled an agreement with them for the next months to use the drivers’ manpower.  As for the buses, we discussed with the Israeli train office and achieved a contract for special bus rides from the airport. This solution helped the company not closing the business. Limon, lemonade and even champagne.

Restaurant industry

Many restaurants start to use delivery services and created innovative applications tailored to their business for the takeaway process. This is a great opportunity for application companies and website development companies to take part in the change that restaurants make.

Websites and businesses

If a business doesn’t have a website, this is the time to collaborate with ccolleague that have a website, and sell goods through it.

A business should have cash flow in this period for taking advantage of special business opportunities related to COVID 19. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

Yoram Fishman, Senior financial consultant from Auren Israel

[email protected]