Simplify the chaos


In this year the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) has become apparent in an unexpected way generating a context in which businessmen and managers have to make the correct decisions.

Taking the CYNEFIN model, by Snowden and Boone, we can say that the pandemic has put entrepreneurs and managers to make complex (the cause-effect relationship to solve the challenge is not known) and chaotic (the cause-effect relationship is impossible to define) decisions.

According with our opinion monitor called Business Compass, the main challenges for businessmen are the adaptation of people to telework and communication, the reformulation and improvement of processes, the incorporation of new technological platforms and the digital transformation of their companies.

Faced with these demands, management consulting firms will play a leading role in providing methodologies, experience, technology, and execution capacity to businessmen and managers, so that they can make their organizations learn agilely through customer-focused innovation processes. Their role as communicating vessels of experiences and improvement of methodologies will allow them to help them transform chaotic and complex decisions into complicated decisions (the cause-and-effect relationship to solve the challenge is known only to some and there are several good alternatives to solve it).

Sebastián Inchauspe, Socio de Estrategia e Innovación de Auren Argentina