This year we have been constantly working with problems related with the word sustainability, which has made us understand and assimilate it as our own. Today we reiterate that our work helps to the improvement of our country; it is worth remarking that sustainable does not only refers to the ecological aspect, like most people think, it is aimed at a most poetic sense of meaning: to create a better world to live.

Sustainability encompasses three key areas: social, economic and environmental. We recently worked with a Spanish company focused on performing marketing activities from a sustainable point of view. In a joint effort we were able to understand, through focus groups, that Mexicans have concerns on these issues. It is true that perhaps the sustainable concept is not known or adopted by the majority, however it is present trend in the “Millennials”: young people trying to live in a better place. It is active in environmental issues where citizens increasingly show a real concern and it is certainly present on their constant concern about the economy, which affects education, poverty, insecurity and health.

Many Mexicans think, “they want to help, but sure they want to win something in return, like evade taxes, to earn more money, mere publicity” and that is where I quote a very popular phrase used in our company “I like to do business in a win-win situation.” This “new type” of marketing tries to put a seed, where the minimal help is welcome; any company could save the money invested in this kind of sustainable campaigns and stick to what is already known, what is within the typical idea of social need, what gives them greater resources; however, they are investing time and resources to know and understand people’s primary concerns (like the one quoted above). We took the time to listen to them.

Today I know that there is and that it is possible to do marketing to help drive sustainability in México; For example, we did a research for an international foundation that allowed them to know what of employers in various parts of the country need and want on their employees. This was done in order to train and help young vulnerable part educated people between 16 and 28 years to get a job easier.

The issue of sustainability is a chain of factors. How does it affect my environment? How do we affect the environment? How does the environment give certain particular guidelines regarding sustainability in each a culture or in the society in which we are immersed?

Market Research is an innovative way to understand all these scenarios, all the possibilities and possible improvements, in order to take a step toward making a better world, a sustainable world.

Arisbeth Sarahi Piña Soto, Auren Mexico