The role of the consultant in the face of the Container Crisis


The increase in production orders has exceeded the logistics capacity of ships and ports, generating an imbalance in the supply chain, and causing the so-called Container Crisis, which translates, among other aspects, into the disproportionate increase in the value of freight. At this point, the Consultancy becomes relevant in the application of knowledge based on its experience to provide advice in different sectors seeking to maximize processes, solve new challenging scenarios and provide support to its commercial allies.

The current Container Crisis is caused by the lack of planning and tools that can cover the variations in rates. Thus, how it is possible to minimize currency changes, with hedging methods or forwards negotiation, the consultant will be able to propose measures or scenarios that allow coexistence with these changes, reducing the impact on the value chain and additionally allowing companies, opt for the tax and customs benefits those countries currently offer to face the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Proper management of the tools to deal with the crisis will make a difference.

David Huertas (Business Development) and Leidy Orjuela Legal and Tax Director Auren Colombia