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A number of trends in the business world have intensified over the past 12 months. In particular, the effects of the digital revolution are an issue facing companies of all sizes across all sectors. The digital revolution is changing business and all aspects of our lives – at a never before seen pace. Industry 4.0, BIG data and cloud computing are just a few of the buzzwords in what has become known as the “fifth technological revolution”.

Mid-sized companies are also feeling the full impact of globalisation as well as the effects of digitalisation. Almost all of today’s companies have international business relations in some shape or form.

These trends increase complexity for businesses. Decisions and change processes have to be made and implemented more quickly. This in turn increases the demands on consulting firms. Their services have to become more comprehensive and cover all of the processes in a company. Apart from traditional services (auditing, tax consulting and legal advice), there is particular demand for consulting services, strategic consulting and sector expertise. This means that multidisciplinary teams need to develop suitable service packages for the new business environment.

Having recognised these trends a long time ago, Auren has consistently expanded its consulting portfolio and HR services, IT consulting and International advisory services have now been a part of it for a number of years.

As we assume that these trends (digitalisation and globalisation) will continue in future, we have based our Auren 2025 strategy plan on them.

We will concentrate on building our in-house IT expertise in the strategy area. We will be examining the impact of IT trends on companies’ business models and considering what adjustment processes are needed. Our intention is to discuss these issues with our clients and develop strategies for the future with our clients.

Development of expertise on key sectors of industry is a further element of our strategy. Having an understanding of specific sectors and markets will help us develop the necessary services to be able to support and guide companies as they grow.

International expertise is an absolute must for a consulting firm. With this in mind, we will continue to expand our in-house expertise in this field and improve our collaboration with our external networks.

In addition, all Auren countries have agreed to cooperate more closely in order to ensure successful implementation of this change process. We will work together to optimise work processes, develop methods and train employees.

The future will bring great challenges. But we firmly believe that we can satisfy our clients’ needs with our 2025 strategy plan and continue to be the consulting firm for mid-sized companies – dynamic, innovative and sustainable.


Managing Partner Auren Germany