Why is management strategical planning so important?


Strategic planning is often seen as “wishful thinking” rather than a priority, as it consumes time and resources, and apparently has no immediate effects. Many managers, unfortunately, prefer “play it by ear ”, making decisions retrospectively, based on what worked in the past.

We want to help companies to have a diferent mindset, with the the development and implementation of Management Strategical Annual Plans, that brings great practical benefits for organizations:

1- Creates a shared, clearer vision of the goals. This makes all departments and employees better understand what their role is and what the result of their actions should be.

2- Potentiates productivity gains. When employees know exactly what to do and how to do it, there is no time wasted on less useful or unnecessary tasks. The positive impact on the individual and collective performance of teams is evident.

3- Simplifies the decision process. It is the ability to decide something securely, without hesitation. Those who adopt strategic planning know which way to go and can therefore decide the next steps with certainty.

4- Allows constant monitoring of results. When goals and indicators are defined, it is possible, through their analysis, to visualize if the goals are being met, or if there are difficulties in the process.

5- Helps to strengthen organizational identity and culture: The public (internal and external) knows the institution’s purpose and values. This knowledge ensures prominence in the market, as employees are the main ambassadors of a brand.

In an integrated way, these 5 benefits of strategic planning will contribute to the sustainable growth of the business. The Plan’s continuous monitoring allows for anticipating adverse situations and anticipating solutions to difficulties before they become serious.

This way, the organization can more easily overcome moments of crisis.

Rui Felgar, Management Consultant at Auren Portugal