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Auren is one of the top 25 companies in turnover in the Netherlands and Germany


According to the data published by the International Accounting Bulletin 2018. The Dutch Auren repeats its presence in the raking as in the previous exercise and furthermore in an excellent position in terms of invoicing in the country, located in the 21st position.  

For its part, Auren in Germany is also among the best positioned companies, obtaining excellent place 19th and also with an increase its turnover by 2% over in the prior year.

The International Accounting Bulletin publishes a report every year with the best positioned companies in all the continents taking into account different criteria such as the turnover reached or the staff, among other guidelines. 

The latest data published in December accentuate Auren as a leading multi-service company, which brings together auditing and assurance professionals, lawyers and tax advisors, consultants and corporate.