Employer-Employee Matters

At Auren, we offer the following services in the area of labour law:

Individual rights

  • Preparation, review and updating of individual employment contracts, requisites, contract based on time or specific projects, their differences, their administration, expiries, special work contracts, preparation of mandatory labour documentation, internal employment regulation interior, collective employment agreement, inclusion of commission (labour assurance).
  • Payment of legal and non-legal provisions, and their inclusion in the salary.
  • Lawsuits in individual disputes with local and federal conciliation and arbitration authorities or the labour defence office, in any part of the country.
  • Ongoing updating of opinions issued on labour matters.
  • Appeals for relief in labour matters before district and circuit courts, anywhere in the republic.
  • Unfair dismissals and rescission of the employment relationship.
  • Co-ordination strategies between the labour and criminal areas of the companies.
  • Co-ordination between the administrative areas to formalise the employment relationship with the employee.
  • Advice on union disputes and collective disputes of a financial nature (legal reduction in the payment of salaries and benefits).
  • Salary and contract reviews and conflicts of titleholders.

Collective Rights

  • Salary and contract reviews.
  • Conflicts of titleholders.
  • Procedures of a financial nature: reduction in salaries and benefits.
  • Strikes.
  • Temporary suspension of collective employment relations.
  • Termination of collective employment relations.

Special Jobs

  • Lorry drivers.
  • Professional athletes.
  • Airline staff.
  • Trusted employees.
  • Actors and musicians.
  • Hotel and restaurant workers.

Expatriation Services

Advice on and management of expatriation procedures so that the foreign executives of our clients and their families can remain in our country in accordance with their needs and considering each situation individually.