Services of Accounting Products

Annual Report

Once the financial year is over, our legislator and/or your bank and/or generally accepted standards require the preparation of financial statements. However, you yourself naturally want to concentrate on the things that you like doing and are good at, i.e. not the financial statements. Well, we are just the same. Our team of very committed professionals will be happy to prepare your financial statements (also known as ‘annual accounts’) and to offer you more too! We will keep you up-to-date with your organisation’s financial position, for example through monthly or quarterly reporting, an annual report or a dashboard. [i] We will provide you with useful creative input, we look closer and further, and look ahead too.

We say: measuring it means you know it. This is why our bookkeeper is happy to personally discuss with you what the figures mean, including through the use of data analysis tools. These tools also mean that our bookkeepers can make projections and scenarios that they will go through with you. After all, foresight is the essence of good government! Don’t forget either that our professionals will also keep you informed about new developments, such as changes in the fiscal landscape, banking requirements, and so on.