Food industry

In Portugal, the food industry is expected to exceed 17 billion EUR in turnover by 2019, representing almost 19% of the total manufacturing industry. The challenges are huge, especially with regard to food regulation and the promotion of public health. In general, it is a matter of reconciling 3 complementary axes, without losing the profitability of the business: the sustainability of the planet, product innovation and security in the transformation processes.

How can we help?

Auren's multidisciplinary teams (management and tax consultants) support food companies with the following services:

  • Quality Consulting,
  • Food Safety Consulting.
  • Sectoral Standards and Certifications,
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Social Responsibility Management Systems,
  • Audit and Statutory Audit,
  • Tax Consulting,
  • Accounting outsourcing.