Our values

Our people, our values

We defend values which characterise us as a firm, including both those related to our professional activity and those related to ethics, independence, objectivity and professional competence, not forgetting any others showing a personal way of doing things: proximity, proactivity, innovation and being solution-oriented, providing our clients with value.
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We work closely with clients. We are characterised by our flexibility and permanent availability. We are proactively committed to them.
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We guarantee the pursuit of excellence through the qualifications and experience of our professional teams, implementing rigorous and efficient work methods.
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Auren is an innovating firm in the provision of our services, by improving processes and implementing the latest technology. We know the world is in a continual state of change, and we adapt to this.
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Professional ethics
All our actions are performed subject to objectivity, independence of opinion and confidentiality. Our code of conduct represents a commitment and guarantee of the honesty that form part of the culture of Auren.
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Multidisciplinary nature and specialisation
We are aware of the growing complexity of the business world, and its global nature. Therefore, Auren has specialised teams in various financial sectors and types of organisations, and we deal with problems from a multidisciplinary perspective: legal, tax, financial, organisational, human resources, etc.
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We contribute value
Our clients seek solutions and appreciate the added value we are able to provide them.