Each sector of activity has its own features, and we are aware of this at Auren.

Every line of business has its own special characteristics and your consultants must be aware of these. Irrespective of the sector in which you operate, we will select a consultant who knows that sector well and will therefore know which solution is the right one for you. In view of our interdisciplinary consulting approach, we develop solutions that take all factors into consideration. Based on our long-standing consulting experience, we are at home in almost all sectors. We have acquired special know-how in the following sectors:

  • Real estate promotion
  • Engineering and consulting services related to construction
  • Energy industries/renewable energies
  • Media and IT companies
  • Construction industry
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Tourism, leisure, and sports
  • Finance and assurance
  • Services
  • Technology, biotechnology, Hi-tech, IT and Innovation
  • Commerce


Our professionals are prepared for understanding the complexity of the challenges faced by organisations. Our multidisciplinary nature and experience in sharing projects among different specialists render our actions highly operational, offering services from a global perspective of high quality. Below is a summary of our professional services.