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Optimaal gebruik maken van de mogelijkheden die de wet u biedt

Your family

It goes without saying that your family comes first and that you want them taken care of and to be financially comfortable. So how would a decision to give members of your family financial support (for instance) affect your tax bill? Well, generally speaking the tax authorities will want their slice of the cake too, but you can prevent this from happening through timely financial planning or estate planning.

From a gift plan to a certificate of inheritance

A financial plan can be used to assess how to transfer your wealth to your family members in the most tax-efficient way. One option could be to have an annual gift plan. We can also provide you with creative input about the best way to allocate your wealth after your death, the key issues here naturally being your own wishes and your desire to have the lowest possible tax burden. We can also advise you when it comes to drawing up or amending your will, as well as about the associated certificate of inheritance (the ‘verklaring van erfrecht’).

Who will run your business after you?

And what about your business? Do you want it to remain within the family? If so, who will take over the reins from you, and when? And are there sufficient funds to do this? These are questions that you must ask yourself early on in order to ensure you get the business succession you want and to prevent taxation from making your desired succession impossible. We will be happy to help you during all stages of the decision-making and implementation processes.