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We are a multidisciplinary professional service firm, aimed at creating value and contributing to the sustainable development of society, organisations and the public.

for more than 75 years

The roots of Auren have been anchored in Dutch soil for more than seventy-five years. The parent company Auren is Spanish and is an established name with offices all over the world. This means that Auren serves both companies in its own country and companies that have branches in the Netherlands and across borders. Auren is therefore a reliable partner for you, both nationally and internationally.

you are not a number at auren

You make the difference in the relationship. Auren distinguishes itself in this. The advisers and accountants at Auren like figures, but you are certainly not a number for us. People are central to our services. That applies primarily to you as a customer, but it is also the way in which employees within Auren treat each other: people-oriented.

The advisers at Auren maintain close contact with you. They build a lasting relationship and they immerse themselves in your company and in your industry. Naturally, they ensure that your financial administration is arranged and that you meet all requirements, legislation and regulations. In addition, the accountants always invite you to discuss the annual statement and declaration and to jointly see where the points of attention are and what goes well.


Auren is an organization where young talented people work with a lot of knowledge of data and new technologies. In the disciplines of Auren, these passionate people in their twenties and thirties apply that knowledge in daily practice. You as a customer will immediately reap the benefits. After all, you see the influence of data, IT and technology on your company growing every year. Auren is always one step ahead of these developments.

therefore auren

You will be relieved by Auren, you will receive tailor-made advice and service and you can also expect innovative solutions, based on the latest technical developments. The work delivered has a very high level, thanks to the expertise, experience and skills of the advisers at Auren. In addition, the advisor always reasons behind the figures: an entrepreneur and a company.

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