Your risks

When we use the term ‘risks’, we mean taxation and legal factors that can jeopardize your business. These risks can often be kept in check if the right measures are taken at the right time, for instance by deploying the right risk management measures and by entering into certain agreements.

Example: fiscal risks can be kept in check by entering into Horizontal Supervision agreements with the Belastingdienst (the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration). In fact, Auren’s clients can become part of the voluntary agreement that we have signed with the Belastingdienst. However, there is still more that you can do. You can organise your administrative processes in such a way that you can be sure of their fiscal acceptability. This process is known as ‘tax assurance’.

What can cause differences of opinion?

When you do business, there are pitfalls everywhere, and not just when it comes to paying tax. Joint ventures/partnerships, agreements and customer relationships are all potential sources of differences of opinion, which may pose a threat to your business. In order to prevent such threats from occurring where possible, our risk manager will be happy to help you draft the necessary contracts and agreements and will assist you with the coordinating risk management measures.