Your personnel

Your personnel. Naturally you can’t do without them, but personnel also mean a whole host of obligations and commitments to consider. How do you ensure that you are complying with all of them? Our staff will be happy to help you process your payroll administration and assist you with your tax returns for wage tax and social security contributions, as well as with all matters relating to redundancy payments and employment law.

Personnel costs are often a company’s single largest cost item. These costs can be reduced by paying personnel in the most tax-efficient way. We will be happy to show you where you can achieve cost savings – without this being at your employees’ expense.

Is there any other money you are missing out on? Did you know there are tax subsidies for certain employees or for particular activities? If so, have you ever checked them out? We would be happy to help you map out these possibilities and apply for any subsidies you are eligible for.


And what happens when things don’t go so well between you and an employee and you wish to let him or her go? And what about when you have to make employees redundant for commercial reasons? Are you familiar with the employment law regulations, and do you know what your own rights and your employees’ rights are when it comes to redundancy payments? Our legal professionals will ensure that this process has the best possible outcome for you and your company.