Your wealth

Your wealth. You have worked and saved long and hard for it, or perhaps you have wealth that has already been in your family for decades. You try to manage this wealth in the best way possible and ensure it earns the highest possible returns and also maintain it for future generations. Are you investing your wealth in real estate? If so, have you ever considered the options for saving BTW (value added tax/turnover tax)? If so, our BTW advice staff will be happy to tell you more.

And have you ever thought about what your financial and tax position will be for the rest of your life? About how you can use your wealth to build up a nice nest egg for when you retire yet still prevent the taxman from taking too much of it from you? We would be happy to work with you to draw up a financial plan to use your wealth in the best possible way. Of course, we can also assist you with any pension queries or issues you may have.

And what about paying maintenance/alimony after a divorce?

And what about if things don’t turn out as expected? For example, you and your partner may decide to separate. What happens to your wealth if you divorce? And have you ever thought about the fact that the lack of an (up-to-date) will could have very adverse tax consequences should you or your partner (if you have one) die unexpectedly? We would be happy to advise you about divorces, matrimonial property laws and wills. Our estate planning specialists will also be happy to give you their creative input and draw up a plan to hand over your wealth to your next generation either upon your death or prior to this, and to do this in as tax-efficient a way as possible.