Your opportunities

Doing business means both taking risks and capitalising on opportunities, although this does mean you have to be able to identify the opportunities when they arise.

Save money by applying for subsidies

In actual fact, tax law is one area where there are many opportunities to save money. This can be achieved very easily by taking advantage of all tax facilities and tax allowances, by applying for subsidies and by making full use of the exemptions permitted under tax laws. However, there’s more to it than that: did you know there were special tax arrangements for innovative activities, for instance? And are you making full use of all the tax opportunities permitted by law?

If you do business abroad there are further tax savings you can make, by structuring your activities in the right way. The staff in our International Tax section will be happy to help you find the best possible structure for your foreign activities, including the use of transfer pricing. We also have an extensive international network that we can call on for this work.

Potential mergers and takeovers

However, having the right legal and tax structures for your activities can save you money at home too. Have you ever thought about giving your business another legal form? Or about allocating your activities between multiple private limited companies? Or about a possible takeover? These are all options that can save you money.

Note too that when planning to acquire a business, it is very important to structure the merger or acquisition in the right way, as this can give you major tax benefits. Our Mergers & Acquisitions staff will be happy to assist you in these and other matters.