Outsourcing accounting and administrative services

  • Administrative – accounting start-up

Analysis of data, management of projects in due time and form. Fulfilment of tax, administrative and legal obligations.

  • Transactions in accounting systems

Integration with clients in accounting systems. Simplicity. Time optimisation. E_science. Productivity, Pro-activeness.

  • Administrative Accounting Processes

Administrative Processes, guaranteeing that the accounting information of a company is prepared appropriately and based on high quality standards.

  • BPO- Business Process Outsourcing

Subcontracting of business process functions at lower costs.

  • Updated information, reports to the parent company

Updating of administrative accounting information of a company through reports to parent company.

  • Banking forecasts

Suitable professional advice on banking forecasts in financial matters in order to understand the different possible situations arising on the market.

  • Economic and financial budget control

Monitoring plans and objectives from a financial perspective involved in the business of the company.

  • Monthly tax settlements

Outsourcing of monthly tax settlements, procedure for the return of amounts to be disburse as taxes corresponding to a certain period.

  • Control of suppliers

Monitoring and control. Minimising of contracting risks. Optimising of time and resources.

  • Monitoring of tax and social security

Professional assistance and monitoring of current tax and social security situation. Recommendations and evaluation of the impact on the business.

  • Control of Contractors

Specialised and personalised service for controlling of the subcontracting of the services of the organisations. Minimising of risks.

  • Registrations: Importer-Exporter

Procedure and fulfilment of the requisites for the registration of importers/exporters. Applications for registration, re-registrations, amendment of data or removal.