Agribusiness in Uruguay a good business


Uruguay is a country located in South America with privileged agricultural resources, that allow to develop different industries, like meat, dairy, and rice, but also the forest industry that has strongly developed during the last 15 years.

Nowadays, the third pulp mill is being installed in the middle of the country, and the project includes the upgrading of a railway line and other major improvements in the port. All this infrastructure could be used and taken advantage by the rest of the industries.

This expansion was possible, amongst other things, thanks to a stable government´s policy to promote investments regardless of the ruling party, and in particular the following: fixed-assets tax exemptions, free zone regime and income tax exemptions to key activities (like forestry).

Currently, both government´s policy and entrepreneurs confidence result in having more than 50% of the exportable goods come from agribusinesses: meat, woodpulp, soy, dairy, rice, and wood.

On an additional note, the government carries out environmental protection policies, such as farm´s land usage policies to prevent water erosion of soils or limit the number of forested hectares.

For all these reasons, Uruguay offers an excellent environment for investing in sustainable agrobusinesses aimed to the world market, taking advantage of its installed capacity and expert knowledge.

Raúl Giacomini, Gerente Senior Asesoramiento Impositivo from Auren Uruguay