Artificial intelligence, a company ally


In recent years, business management models have found an ally in technology in the development of their activities. Thanks to tech apps and resources, being online and staying connected as well as achieving objectives easily have been possible in just a matter of seconds. These advances have become an opportunity to empower the business sector, especially during these times with the rise of artificial intelligence.

For companies, artificial intelligence can be a very valuable tool as it has the ability to process large amount of information, analyse data and help professionals in several decision-making processes. Although there is fear and scepticism about the scope of artificial intelligence, it should be seen as a tool to help companies maintain their competitiveness and up to date to what the market demands.

In order to answer properly to what is being required daily in a world full of competitiveness, management models must incorporate these new trends into their current ways of work to improve and offer quality services to their customers and even attract others. Implementing this type of resources is a strategy that will allow companies consolidate their rankings.

Maranatha El Shadday Triana Ángel and María Camila Huertas Pulido from Auren Colombia