Chile is preparing for the arrival of tourism in 2023


The Chilean Government has started with a plan to encourage companies engaged in tourism by 2023.

Within the framework of the Inclusive Recovery Plan “Chile Supports”, the Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Nicolás Grau, announced the launching of the PAR Chile Supports Tourism 2023 Program, a financing mechanism for the productive recovery of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which will allow the financing of training, business plans, consulting, technical assistance, working capital and/or investment projects.

The PAR Chile Supports Tourism 2023 Program will cover the 16 regions and will finance 100% of the project related to the tourism sector, with a ceiling of $4 million, for those companies with sales between UF 600 and UF 100,000. Exceptionally, this support instrument will also have a presence in Juan Fernandez with the same financing coverage, which will be available to MSMEs with sales between UF 0.1 and UF 100,000.

In addition, Chile is the best adventure tourism destination in the world for the sixth consecutive year. World Travel Award chose Chile, for the sixth consecutive time, as the best country to enjoy adventure tourism surpassing countries such as Australia, Canada, Ecuador, New Zealand, Japan, among others.

Since 2016 that Chile is positioned as the winner and the recognition highlights qualities of the country as the best in the globe for the practice of this type of tourism, closely linked to the extraordinary Chilean nature throughout its territory.

A good year ahead for Chile in terms of tourism.

Javier Molina Marín, Abogado Auren Chile