Doing business from the comfort of your home


In recent years, we have developed at Auren Israel business development working methods for international clients.

Following the global epidemic crisis, these methods have proven to be a success in launching international businesses, especially in a situation of lockdown that does not allow access to international activities.

The approach: Do international business from the safety and comfort of your living room couch

Our approach works in a state of regular business activity and saves time and resources for companies that want to generate new international activity and new business. The success rates of closing deals are higher than the classic method of “running” to exhibitions and traveling to traditional factory tours.

Our ability at Auren to communicate and be available to the customer on the one hand and at the same time reach the international target market allows us to achieve business successes without any need to leave the convenience and security in working from home.

The method: Integration of multidisciplinary experts in business development – creating new businesses

Suppose your factory is in Europe, Asia, or America, and you want to penetrate a new market.

By the local partner of Auren or by an online zoom call, we will hold several meetings to understand your goals and objectives for taking steps towards penetration of the new destination country and its market.

We will appoint you a particular person who is your “client manager” who will coordinate all the activities in one contact.

For the benefit of your business, the client manager will be in direct contact with all of our department managers, coordinating your goals and expectations, working closely together with the Auren team of experts work to maximize the business opportunities in the destination country.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts focuses on services such as:

  • Business development, networking, finding tenders, finding local partners, local HR.
  • Build a marketing and sales system, adapting the product or service to the market.
  • Provide legal assistance, complying with legal requirements, financial support, accounting, international taxation, reporting to the authorities.
  • Accompany the negotiations process to success.

It is required to explore new business opportunities to become a more productive and adjustable company.

The experts of Auren Israel offer two attractive business opportunities for the upcoming period.

Business opportunity in the field of life sciences

In the last decade, Israeli companies have become leaders in the field of life sciences, especially in the research, development, and innovation of products and services.

The foremost business opportunity allows international companies to shorten “time to market” and work in cooperation with Israeli companies to make a quick and significant business leap over the competition.

Auren’s experts in Israel can analyze with you the needs and goals of your business and quickly locate the appropriate knowledge in the Israeli market. Accompany the business development in the right direction as it suits you to produce quick business success.

Business opportunity in the field of infrastructure tenders, State tenders

In the coming years, the State of Israel will invest massive capital in the rapid development of infrastructure. Most tenders and services in infrastructure projects are provided in Israel by international companies due to their knowledge, capabilities, and experience.

Thousands of companies of all sizes, small companies for a specific segment of the project, and huge companies participate in the execution of the projects.

The advantage and opportunity stand for medium-sized companies, those that operate in the international market and want to expand activities, and local companies that want to enter the global market.

Auren Israel’s multidisciplinary team of experts knows how to create a working method for identifying projects that will be especially suitable for your company. Projects that have a high chance of winning and receiving them, and such projects where your profitability is excellent.

The road to success

In today’s agile world, innovation, availability, and quality service are essential to make a successful business leap. Auren’s multidisciplinary experts are at your service.

Mr. Ofir Angel, Chairman of Auren Israel, [email protected]

Business Generator, Technologies, Strategy, and International Taxation

Mr. Amir Kahani, Managing Partner, AUREN Consulting VSO [email protected]