How to align the company’s strategy with ESG objectives?


In the vision of global organizations, public and private, the need to include within their strategy, at the same level of importance of economic-financial results, actions to contribute to improving environmental and social aspects is becoming clearer.

The companies ensure the alignment of the business strategy with the ESG objectives from the members of the Management, in leadership and decision making with good practices, to have a broader vision that includes environmental, social, and sustainability aspects, in addition to the economic and financial ones.

The management of a company is the reflection of behaviors and decision making. It is important to focus on value in social and economic aspects and criteria to measure the success and development of your organization. Also put the focus on environmental issues, such as efficient use of energy, contribution to the circular economy under the concepts of not discarding, recycling and reusing.

Achieve an integrative business model. It is impossible to think about good economic results without taking into account the needs of the different interest groups.

Actually it is essential to achieve sustainable and balanced development that contributes to society, natural resources, people and improve the quality of life. The challenge and commitment in terms of CSR is increasing for a company, it is no longer an action or a slogan, it is not an optional complement, it is a commitment of Management, it is a management path, internal and external, a way of being and doing business.

By Fernando Tezanos Pinto, CEO of Auren Argentina