Experts brings us closer to the virtual phenomenon

How will we feel emotions in the metaverse? What’s left to do in order to make it a reality? What businesses will it boost?
How can we use it in our cities? How will culture and art be integrated into it? Who will set the rules in the virtual world?
These are some questions that you can find answers to in this book.
Technology to hug each other remotely, a vest to “feel” or how people are building the foundations of the metaverse. Multimillion-dollar digital art, the new economy in the form of cryptocurrencies or the legal and ethical limits we need to make the virtual universe that is to come safe. Crypto-artists, builders of the metaverse, experts in legal matters relating to virtual space …
The new world of the Internet and technology has protagonists who speak in the first person through interviews in which they help us understand where we are going and what the metaverse is already experiencing (or not) with us.