Auren gets excellent results in IAB World Survey



Once again Auren achieves a consistent growth in the latest IAB World Survey being ranked the 28th largest network in the world for revenues. Auren fee income has increased an excellent 16% over the previous year and 27th position in the list by the staff data, made up of more than 2000 professionals, 10% more from last year.


The survey shows an in-depth analysis of the leading firms in the market, networks and associations with information also of the different services. Auren has achieved outstanding results in all of them, being ranked 20th in accounting, 23th and 24th in advisory and tax, 27th in audit and a growth of 56% from last year in the “other services” in the 23th position.

  With this results Auren has proved that is one of the top multidisciplinary firms providing satisfactory responses to international challenges.  Congratulations to all the team!