Corporate Social Responsibility

Honesty is part of our culture

CSR / Foundation

There is a great deal of public debate about the “responsibility of business in society”. The term “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) is now commonly used worldwide. This is nothing new to us, however, and we are delighted that more and more companies are catching on. We are aware of our responsibilities and are happy to fulfil our obligations. Taking responsibility for society is an integral part of our corporate strategy at Auren and this is practised and supported by the management and all the staff.

When going about our daily business we consider the interests of our staff, our customers and our suppliers, as well as those of local groups. We seek to have a positive impact on society and to build strong communities in the localities where we are based. Here at Auren we have been pursuing this holistic approach to social and collective responsibility with growing enthusiasm for many years – fully in keeping with our slogan “together for your success”.

Speaker 17 SDG

On 25 September 2015, world leaders adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at a United Nations historic summit. These goals will be the framework of the international agenda over the next 15 years and the challenges to be addressed until 2030. To achieve these goals, there is a need for INVOLVEMENT and COMMITMENT from all over the world: governments, private sector, society and people like YOU.

Auren, as an organization and through its people, feels the RESPONSIBILITY and the NEED to collaborate with the United Nations in the achievement of the goals that promote the sustainable development of our planet.

For this reason, we commit ourselves to understand and research the UN proposals in relation to each goal and to spread the word in our environment. We want the message to expand and be known by as many organizations, institutions and people as possible.

Starting today, in this section you will find all the information and activities related to 17 SDG. We intend to be the SPEAKER, but YOU set the volume. We invite you to collaborate, with the contribution of ideas and with the participation in the activities that we will be announcing.