Our values

Our people, our values

Both those related to our professional activity, such as those related to ethics, independence, objectivity or professional competence, as those that reflect a style of doing things: proximity, proactivity, innovation and orientation to solutions that provide Value to our customers.

Customer proximity is what sets us apart.
We would like to work with you to develop your business and help it grow. Take our word for it: Together for your success.

Our mission:
Auren is a consulting firm for multidisciplinary services, whose aim is to contribute to the sustainable development of Society, organizations and people.
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We are close to our customers. We are known for our flexibility and continuous availability and we maintain a proactive engagement with our customers.
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The experience and training of our professionals, as well as a methodology of rigorous and efficient work, ensure the pursuit of excellence.
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Auren is an innovative firm in the provision of new services, the improvement of processes, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. We know that the world is constantly changing and we are moving with its evolution.
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Professional Ethics
All our actions are chaired by objectivity, independent judgment and confidentiality. Our code of conduct represents a commitment with and guarantee of honesty that is part of our culture.
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Multidisciplinarity And Expertise
We know of the growing complexity of the business world and its global nature. Therefore, Auren has teams that are specialized in economic sectors and types of organizations, and we tackle problems with a multidisciplinary perspective: legal, fiscal, financial, organizational, of human resources, etc.
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Honorários profissionais
Os honorários profissionais são baseados no grau de responsabilidade, experiência e dedicação dos funcionários à empresa. Estes serão comunicados com antecedência, de forma explicita e detalhada de acordo com as tarefas decorrentes da atividade profissional em causa.
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We Provide Value
Our customers do not “buy hours of work”, they are demanding solutions. We develop for our clients solutions with added value.