AUREN CYBER SECURITY | optimum intelligence and protection 

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly frequent. This is a worrying situation, with the potential to put both the company’s reputation and the security of its customers’ data at risk. At Auren, we are aware of the importance of this issue and, in recent years, we have created an international team of specialists to analyse, audit and guarantee the security of our customers’ IT systems and processes.


Our cyber security services provide solutions along the entire value chain, from the technical component of code risk assessment, to the human component, of risk mitigation.

Cyber Security Testing:

  • – Intrusion/Penetration Testing: we simulate an attack on the organisation, identifying risk zones;
  • – Ethical Hacking/Phishing Campaigns: we launch campaigns to identify weaknesses in the teams’ behaviour;
  • Source Code Analysis: we review and correct the programming code of your infrastructure and applications.

Training and awareness:

  • Based on the weaknesses identified in the company’s infrastructure, we create tailor-made workshops to raise awareness of online risk prevention among teams.

SaaS (software as a Service) and Consultancy:

  • Exclusive cyber monitoring tools: we regularly track the infrastructure and report in real time on security blockages, identifying the solutions to be implemented;
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Outsourcing: long-term partnerships to design and implement cyber security policies and processes in companies.

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