Colombian flowers


One of the vital export lines of our country is flowers. Due to Colombia’s privileged geographical position, we count on a wide range of thermal levels that facilitate the production of a beautiful variety of flowers.

2020 was a year like no other. Its challenges and learnings had no disregard for anyone in the world, which modified, perhaps forever, the way of life as we knew it. Our line of business and the agro sector were no exception, forcing us to rethink our daily work in an accelerated way, in order to maintain afloat and help this industry that was being affected mainly in their logistics division rather than in its production as it is one of the first need sectors.

Flowers then faced a great challenge as it employs more than 150.000 people in the rural sector. Its relevance led their guild to seek together with the National Government and flower growers, opportunities to minimize the loss of jobs in this industry. The sector’s hopes focused on the celebration seasons of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day (main festivities of the year for Colombian flowers), although there are high expectations because it is the first time that they will be carried out within the pandemic context, both the Colombian Government and the businessmen along with the Union have joined forces to define the logistics that can guarantee the least risk for the value chain, again technology takes a leading role in this industry, which continues to have a large artisanal component.

AUREN continues with the unrestricted commitment to support our flower growers clients in the fulfillment of their goals, presenting action plans based on our diverse service portfolio, such as the Statutory Audit and Transfer Prices (this due to foreign investments in Colombia), allowing companies to focus their efforts on production and sales with the usual quality, helping them to keep on delivering a message of hope and confidence in a better future to more than 100 countries in the world.

Claudia Patricia Pulido consulting partner Auren Colombia