Focus on strategy and direction


The trends in the market are good practices, in CSR regulations and in commitment as a social system. Sustainable management is defined by the social actions and decisions of organizations, based on human, ethical, environmental and economic values.

The growing concern that society has about economic, social, environmental and ethical problems, makes companies acquire a greater commitment and address in depth various issues with stakeholders.They take more active and responsible positions and understand today that CSR is an unavoidable issue on the agenda of an organization, regardless of size or sector.

Today it is essential to achieve sustainable and balanced development that contributes to society, natural resources, people and improves the quality of life. The challenge and commitment in terms of CSR is increasing for a company, it is no longer an action or a slogan, it is not an optional complement, it is a Management commitment, it is a management path, internal and external, a way of being and doing business.

The course is also set by the media and society itself, not only is it defined by compliance with rules and regulations, but society and public opinion play a key role.

However, there is still no clear awareness of the issue and some reports are presented and made only to comply with regulations or as a marketing tool.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to think of good results in an organization without taking into account the needs and degree of satisfaction of the different interest groups, and social commitment. Companies must act and behave in a socially responsible manner, be economically competitive, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable

Reporting must reflect transparency, accuracy and coherence between the actions communicated and the values, strategy and image of the company. It is essential today to show the commitment of the Management, the value of the brand, the work of the team, the culture, processes and sustainable methodologies of the company.

Fernando Tezanos Pinto, Auren  Argentina president